Want better sales and conversion? Start by improving what you’ve already got!

Wondering if you could do better with your current website? Or if some of your current practices hurt you? Maybe even the website itself? We are here to answer all your questions!

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140 Years of Combined Web Widom from our Team

Our team members started building, designing and writing websites when the web itself was being built— the early 1990s — working in various industries, search engine firms and digital/design agencies. We’ve now got 8 years of website auditing experience and hundreds of successful websites under our belt — and a unique understanding of how to make a website perform.

Responsive design

Be sure your website looks great on all screens and devices.


We go undercover as a client of yours to understand your business & processes.

Data gathering

We compile all available data (traffic, sales reports, social media) and put our experts at work dissecting your website (design, development & content).


We help your website increase its sales and conversion through a detailed report that lists recommendations for each section.

Mobile ready

Mobile has a greater importance as years go by. Be sure not to miss out on the new trends.

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing.


complete project


Happy clients


cups of coffee



  • Our process

    Success comes from looking at things from your visitors’ perspective. What type of visitor are they? Prospect, Existing Customer, Real Estate Agent, The Industry, Investors, The Media etc. What are they trying to achieve and were they able to achieve it? What device are they visiting from? How does your website experience differ from your competitors, or recognized best practices?

  • Digital marketing

    Umbrella for all of your online marketing efforts. Businesses leverage digital channels such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. We MAKE it happen!

  • Design & Branding

    It is imperative that the website address your audience properly and allow them to ultimately achieve a purchase, contact or leave their information. The design audit scores the following essential aspects such as Design Aesthetics, Usability, Branding, Different devices rendering

  • Technology Audit

    Our team of senior developers will dissect your website code (frontend) to provide a score on the following: Accessibility, Site speed: mobile, tablet & desktop, SEO optimization of the code, Cross platform ability, Cross browser quality, Are you using the best platform to fit your needs?, Hosting costs & recommendations, Security

  • Content Audit

    Words not only capture the attention of your visitors, but lead them to make desired actions. And sometimes they’re all you have. It is key to ensure that the verbiage on the website speaks to your audience, and makes the most of your offers, claims and calls-to-action. Our scoring methodology will measure: Content appeal, Headline and call-to-action effectiveness, Typos, Clarity, Scanability, Length, SEO friendliness of your copy, Newsletter content & frequency

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Pricing plan

Small or big, every project is unique and we are dedicated towards increasing your return! YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED! EVERY AUDIT WE PROVIDE WILL GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO SUCCESS. Part of the audit contains technical details aimed at your vendors on the other hand, we will list the recommendations by priority: Must have, Good to have and Nice to have for each area that we’ve audited

Basic web audit

from 1.100 Eur

one time fee

3 pages included

Basic SEO advice

Social media tips

Competitor report

Online reputation data

Small business suited


from 1.300 Eur

per site

Keyword building

Content enrichment

Position improvement

Link monitoring

Rank monitoring



Email handling

from 200 Eur

per month

Email Marketing

Email List Builder

Domain Reputation Report

Reputation Management

Emails Hit Inboxes

Technical Setup

Mobile Apps Dev

from 7.000 Eur

one time fee



Windows Phone

Quick deployment

Upgrade support

Professional design

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